Be informed about Flu Season and getting vaccines

Some information about vaccines for the Flu season. First of all we need to make our own choices here, this is just my opinion!

Before I list all of the information on the flu, let’s also be reasonable. Many of us are working in jobs that we are exposed to many sick people. Our children are also being pressured by the schools, if you have a child who is sick easily you may want to consider the vaccine along with this remedy.

I have several calls about being pressured to take the vaccine, I have a homeopathic remedy called Vaccininum Vaccinotoxinum is now available on my website under Homeopathics, this protects your body against the side effects of the vaccine without rendering it ineffective; keep in mind last year the vaccine made about 80% of the people who got it feel sickly. The feedback I got from those who used the Vaccininum along with the vaccine was that they had NO side effects.

Vaccininum Vaccinotoxinum 30C (30 pellets)

Vaccininum is also known under name Vaccinotoxinum and is a nosode from vaccine morbid matter. May be used in conjunction with other health therapies to offset vaccine reaction. Remedy is listed for skin ailments after vaccine reaction. Neuralgias (muscle pain ), skin eruptions, eczema.

This remedy has been found useful in counteracting allergic reactions to antibiotic treatment.

Kathryn Jones Health Counselor advocates health rights, alternative health care and the importance of education in making informed health decisions. (

Nosodes are a safe alternative without whole molecules, live or active bacteria Avoid harmful vaccine preservatives and noxious material. Nosodes may be used in preventative applications.
Your Health Professional may have you use nosodes for dealing with chronic illness or vaccine damage.

Price: $8.00

Dosage: 3 pellets dissolved under tongue daily for 10 days

Definition of Influenza (Flu): Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

An acute viral infection involving the respiratory tract, occurring in isolated cases, epidemics or in pandemics striking many continents simultaneously or in sequence. It is marked by inflammation of the nasal mucosa, the pharynx, and conjunctiva (eye) and by headache and generalized myalgia; fever and chills.

The incubation period is one to three days and the disease ordinarily last for three to ten days. There are a number of distinct strains of virus each designated by a sub grouping of A, B, OR C. They are determined by their surface antigens noted as HN1, H1N1, H1N2, etc. (a surface antigen is a marker on a cell that allows the bodies immune system to deal with a virus).

TYPE A: the most common variety of influenza caused by the type A strain of virus, epidemics of this variety occur at 2 – 3 year intervals. The virus is caused due to an antigenic shift, (in simple terms impaired immune system). Some of these types are Asian, Spanish, Russian and so on.

TYPE B: this strain occurs at four to five year intervals. Equine, Bird, Swine, Hong Kong, and so on.

TYPE C: a type of influenza that occurs sporadically. This strain may occur at 1 year intervals and resurface many years later for a short duration

**Note** As you can see from the above our immune system is the key to fighting flu, thus good hand washing and good health. Because of the antigen markers it is my (Dr. Deb’s) belief that we should avoid the vaccines as they change our natural immune response. The current MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) outbreak is a good example of this. This infection is largely due to the over use of antibiotics. As the antibiotics have been handed out for every little thing now when we have a severe infection the body has also built up an immunity for the antibiotics to heal.

For the flu each new vaccine that is being created will eventually do the same thing, now we will have many mutated versions of all sub types of the influenza vaccine and eventually I do not believe that any of the vaccines will work for any of the strains.

Good Flu Prevention is to boost the immune system, a good tincture is Oregon Grape Root, what about having a daily tea party with the kids with some Nettle Tea? Oscillicoccinum is available over the counter at any pharmacy the box makes it appear that you need to take it before you get sick but trust me it works wonder if you wake up and your already feeling awful.

Oregon Grape Root (Tincture), Nettle tea (Teas) and Oscillicoccinum (Homeopathic) are available at my office, Taylor Chiropractic, 484 Main Street #14, Diamond Springs (next to Deb’s Frosty), Placerville Health Foods, 1252 Broadway, Placerville or on-line from my website: **If you click on the product the information for the herbs will come up for you.