Healing Teas – Today’s tip Gout tea

September 19, 2012

Tea in my mind one of the most effective and powerful ways to heal at home. Herbal teas are a wonderful way to get the benefits of herbs, safely and easily.

The water in herbal teas plays a vital role in increasing the effectiveness of an herb. Of course water is essential for life itself. When the herbs are added to the water, the herb delivers its properties in a manner that is harmonious with your natural body process.

Unlike herbal capsules that never touch your taste buds, herbal teas follow the normal digestive process from your mouth clear through the entire system.

A standard cup of tea is one teaspoon of herb, steeped in hot water 3 – 5 minutes. My preference when using teas to heal is to have 1 to 3 herbs only. I follow the rule that “less is best” in most cases for healing.

I will be posting some of my favorite herbs to use in teas for healing, if you have specific conditions and would like to drink some herbal tea to help. Please feel free to email me: dprock2002@yahoo.com.

With the weather changing and our fluids beginning to imbalance I have had a lot of calls this week with folks having Gout flare ups. Gout is actually a condition of too much uric acid; our kidneys are mostly responsible for getting rid of uric acid. Gout causes painful, swollen joints. Here are some herbs that would make a wonderful Gout tea. **Teas can be enhanced with sweetener’s (Honey, Stevia, and Agave) or a bit of lemon so they will taste wonderful.

The herbs are available in the “Loose herb section” of the website, we have quite a few herbs listed there click on “View” as a list to make searching easier.

Hawthorn (Leaf and Flower):

Not only is Hawthorn good as a Gout tea, but it is widely known to improve heart health, circulation to all parts of the body. Because it improves blood supply to the brain it also improves memory and alertness – so it is a wonderful tea to have in the morning before work.

Sassafras Root:

This is called the sweet root bark and is often used in tea blends for its flavor and aroma. It has wonderful cleansing properties and moves toxins out of the system quickly. It is the main ingredient in all herbal hangover remedies as well.


You can never say enough about nettle, it is one of my favorite herbs. Not only is it a wonderful way to cleanse the urinary system, but it is a natural anti-inflammatory so also improves the pain and swelling you may have with gout.