New Changes for wording on labels

Over the next months you will see some changes on the Website for labeling on my products. I just attended a very good conference in Oregon that brought up some very valid points on the wording for labels. The FDA makes some very valid points on the verbiage that I myself have on my labels. Of course I have the FDA statement, but that is generic and I want to be sure that all labels are intended for health and not misleading.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or illness. If medical conditions are present or become present, consultation with a qualified health care professional is advised.

I talked with some herbalists while I was there and heard some stories of people that had stopped taking traditional medicine due to the fact that they believed an herbal supplement would cure their condition. My advice has always been before stopping any medication you should discuss this with a physician. I also add to that statement that if you are on traditional medications you need to speak to a qualified herbalist to discuss interactions.

We all have choices in our health to make, of course as an herbalist I believe in “First Do No Harm”, so I will often use herbs to heal the body. As a cancer survivor I will be the first to also stand behind integrating medicine with traditional physicians.

With all the information out on the Internet unfortunately the wording that is in many of the natural products may be misleading to many people with serious conditions. Remember each of us is unique so having a consult with a practitioner or herbalist is important versus relying on the internet for information. Cancer and Heart disease would be in that category of course.

I stand by the premise that we do not live in a world where we can be all holistic all the time, so being in contact with a trained herbalist to help you understand where that illness may cross the line from when it would be safe to nourish the body to regain healthy balance, and when you might best be treated by a physician is important.

Understanding when herbal remedies may be appropriate I think is always important. So I just wanted to put a reminder on here that I welcome emails to answer your questions and see if I can help you to make better choices for your health.