News September 11, 2012

Well I didn’t want to have an empty tab here. So to get the news page started if you have ideas what you would like to read about please email me and I will get something up for you.

This week I am already seeing folks come in with flu-like symptoms. Every year about this time I communicate with other Naturopaths in Australia and New Zealand, they have flu season a bit earlier then we do. This year’s flu seems to be respiratory once again. So based on the symptoms here are some of my favorite remedies.

You can read the descriptions by clicking on the item in the “products” section. The remedies are available on-line, now you may also click that you would like to pick products up either at my office (Diamond Village Chiropractic, 484 Main Street #14, Diamond Springs CA 95619) or at Placerville Health Food Store (1252 Broadway, Placerville CA 95667). Orders will be available for pick up the Tuesday following the day you ordered.

1.    Lomatium Anti-viral tincture, you bet this is the worst tasting tincture (get a chaser). I have been using this herb for many years it is wonderful for colds, flues or any virus. The best part is that it is a root herb. This means it may take 3 doses a day for about 2 or 3 days to beat a virus you have going on, but your body remembers root herbs the next time you begin to feel a bit poorly it may only take a few doses to accomplish the same effects.

2.    Flu Plus with Influenzium, homeopathic; Rather than have the expense of buying a bottle of 100 tablets that you will most likely not need (the suggested shelf life by the company is 1 year) we repackage these into envelopes – the recommended dosage is to chew 1 tablet 3 times per day for 5 days. You may use this as flu prevention or take when you begin to feel flu symptoms. This is wonderful for children over 3 as well. I do use this for children under 3 please call or email me and I can assist you with dosage (530) 622-1124 or

3.    Oregon Grape Root tincture; this is a wonderful way for the whole family to boost the immune system, it has properties very similar to Goldenseal which is a natural antibiotic. The difference here is that I do not recommend using Goldenseal as a preventive let’s keep that for when we have infections of a more serious nature.

4.    Mullein/peppermint tea bags: this tea is safe for all ages. If you have ever been into my office I will often tease that this is a “sponge for snot” (EWE) thankfully it tastes much better! Very effective in any mucous condition. Actually Mullein has wonderful benefits for the entire body so it is a win – win. Good for the kidneys, lungs, liver and tissues.