What should I have in my Herbal Medicine Chest?

What should I have in my Herbal Medicine Chest
Make a list of common issues you and your family experience: skin issues, headaches, colds, anxiety, persistent coughs… think of all the things you routinely find yourself needing to treat and include all first aid things you keep on hand.
I have a book “Healing with Teas” on my website: www.drdebsherbals.com that lists about 160 different symptoms and suggests herbs that might heal those symptoms. They can be enjoyed as a tea, used as a tincture, put in capsules many available as essential oils.
Here are some favorites that you may want to have on hand
Comfrey – absolutely essential for healing cuts, bruises, burns, and sprains; the roots are great made into tea for your bath as it will soften and heal skin. (use as a poultice, salve or in the bath)
Calendula – great for all skin issues (softens, cleans, heals), anti- inflammatory, antifungal. (use as a tea, salve, lotion or poultice)
Thyme – strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antispasmodic properties.
Sage – sore throats, antiseptic, immune booster, colds, and treats nervous exhaustion (use as a tea)
Peppermint – stimulating, refreshing; good for relieving indigestion, tension headaches, and spastic complaints of the gastrointestinal tract. (Use as tea or essential oils)
Aloe Vera – soothes cuts and burns, nourishes and moisturizes skin. (Available already bottled or have a nice plant growing in your home and use fresh leaves)
Rosemary – good for digestive ailments, increases circulation, colds and flus, mouthwash, dandruff, and may ease depression and fatigue. (Use as a tea or essential oil)
Black Currant Tincture- Anti-inflammatory, Powerful Anti-oxidant actions that have been found useful in reducing the effects of arthritis and improving allergies by enhancing the immune response mechanism.
Lomatium Anti-viral Tincture– A powerful anti-viral take at first sign of cold or flu.
Feverfew/lavender Tincture – Great for headaches – works wonders on migraines as well
Marshmallow Root Tincture – my favorite for any type of stomach upset. I even use for babies with colic.
Echinacea or Immune Tonic – never hurts to boost the immune system. Best to start about September as all the flu season and those nasty colds are on their way.